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Why Tire Pressure Should Not be Maximum?

May 4, 2016

Truckers often ask whether they should inflate their tires to the maximum PSI limit for the tire. The answer is, when it comes to tire pressure, maximum pressure is not always the right choice.

When you went to fill air into your tires, you may have noticed the maximum PSI for front and rear tires. The PSI is nothing but the maximum cold pressure that your tires need to carry maximum load. Cold pressure means you are filling air into the tires in ideal conditions- when the tires are cold.

If you fill the tire with the maximum amount of air it can safely take, you may see superior cornering performance. But there is a risk you may go over the braking threshold. Braking threshold is the maximum braking pressure at which the back tire begins to slip.

There is another risk if you fill too much air into the tires- the tires wearing out. When you fill the tires to the maximum PSI, the edges of the tire round off and the center begins to feel more pressure, causing it to wear out faster. The traction in the tires reduces.

So how much tire pressure is enough? Look at the tire manufacturer's specifications. They usually mention the optimum PSI level for their tires. Please note maintaining less than optimum PSI in the tires will decrease the fuel efficiency of your truck. If you buy your used truck from Tim's Truck Capital, they will help you take care of the tires of your truck.




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