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A Six-Point Truck Inspection Checklist

Posted at Wed, May 24, 2017 12:30 PM

At Tim’s Truck Capital & Auto Sales in Epsom, NH, we carefully vet all our used trucks, cars and SUVs to make sure they are the best models available. We also like our consumers to be well-informed in making their purchase. Here’s our suggested 6-Point Inspection Checklist. We have the most extensive inventory in the area and if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll help you find it. We also have an excellent service department so be sure to ask them lots of questions.

1) Examine the truck in daylight and on level ground in order to check the fluids correctly.
2) Check each opening and body-panel joint for fit. Feel along the bottom of the doors and check for hard, rusty edges. Check the panels along the body from back to front. If they seem wavy or uneven, check them with a magnet since plastic body repairs won't attract a magnet.
3) Look for raised spots on the roof. This means there’s a good chance there’s rust underneath.
4) Look at the inside of each tire for signs of leakage (brake fluid, grease) and tread wear.
5) Raise the hood, remove the radiator cap and take a look at the coolant fluid. If the fluid has rust in it, the engine will probably have a tendency to overheat. Examine the air filter for excessive dirt, as well the surface of the engine itself. Look for signs of recent engine work, for example new gaskets. All motors should be checked thoroughly in case the previous owner's favorite hobby happened to be drag racing. If the car has an automatic transmission, check the transmission dipstick. If the oil on the stick has a burnt smell, this usually means transmission trouble on the horizon.
6) Start the engine. Make sure there are no knocks or thuds. All trucks should have a high idle setting. Fuel-injected engines automatically set theirs, carbureted engines will require applying some generous gas after starting to set the fast idle. If the idle does not seem right, as one of our mechanics.

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