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 New Hampshire Service Center for the Epsom, Concord, and Manchester Area Car Repair Service Garage

Sticking to a routine maintenance schedule for your vehicle and making repairs as soon as they are necessary can keep your vehicle healthy and help it to have the longest life span possible. Here at Tim’s Truck Capital in Epsom, we are committed to keeping your vehicle in great shape through professional and timely maintenance and high-quality repairs. We don’t just sell some of the best new and used trucks and vehicles in the Concord area, we also have a team of experienced and highly skilled mechanics who are committed to giving you as much time with your vehicle as possible through careful maintenance and expert repairs.

The Concord mechanics at Tim’s Truck Capital treat your vehicle like they would their own. They know how important your vehicle is and what a big investment it is, and they treat it with care. They are committed to providing the highest quality of work and they pay close attention to detail. You can trust your vehicle in the hands of our mechanics, who will go above and beyond to ensure that it gets the best service.

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Servicing All Kinds of Vehicles – Not Just Trucks!

Yes, we’re known as Tim’s Truck Capital, but we sell more than just trucks, and we service more than just trucks, too. Whether you drive a compact hybrid or one of the largest commercial passenger vans on the market, our expert mechanics can service it.

Some of the vehicles we service include:

  • Compact vehicles
  • Hybrid vehicles
  • Electric vehicles
  • Sedans
  • Hatchbacks
  • SUVs
  • Small pickup trucks
  • Full-size trucks
  • Minivans
  • Large Vans

We serve all major makes and models, including both foreign and domestic brands. Our mechanics are trained to service and repair a large selection of vehicles, and they have continuing education and certification in specialty vehicles and repairs. You can deliver your vehicle to our service shop with confidence, knowing that it is in the hands of the experts.

Comprehensive Automotive Services to Keep Your Vehicle Healthy

You can bring your vehicle to Tim’s Truck Capital’s service center whether you need a routine oil change or you need a new transmission. We offer everything from basic maintenance to major repairs. The dedicated mechanics at our Epsom service shop work as a team to provide the same quality of care whether you need a new air filter or a rebuilt engine.

  • Oil change. We’ll help you learn about the right oil for the age and condition of your vehicle, and we’ll have you in and out as quickly as possible. Our synthetic oil change starts at just $29.95, and we keep the prices low on all the oil changes we offer.
  • Filter change. You need to change out your air filter, as well as your fuel filter and other filters to keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. We’ll help you stay on schedule with changing out your filters to help you get more out of your vehicle and to keep it on the road longer.
  • Fluid check and change. You have a lot of fluids that help your vehicle run. These can get muddied with contaminants, lowering the efficiency of your vehicle and even leading to the need for repairs. We’ll check fluids like the transmission fluid, brake fluid, motor oil, and more to help you know when a flush is needed.
  • Brake Inspection. Your brakes wear down with use, and if you don’t replace them on time, your rotors and other vehicle parts can be damaged, costing you a lot of money. We’ll check your brakes and let you know when it’s time for a change.
  • Tire inspection. When the tread on your tires wears down, you won’t have the same control over your vehicle. You and your vehicle are at risk when you are driving on worn tires. Yet you may not know that your tires need to be changed. Our mechanics will help you stay on schedule, letting you know when you need new tires, an alignment, or a balance and rotation.
  • Tune Up. Your vehicle needs to be serviced after a certain number of miles. A tune up includes checking the fluids and filters, the spark plugs, the belts, and other components to make sure they are all working properly. Our mechanics perform scheduled tune ups to keep your vehicle in top condition for longer.
  • Engine diagnostics. You can’t ignore that “check engine” light when it appears. It could be a glitch in the system, but it is more likely a sign that something is seriously wrong with your engine. Our mechanics will get to the bottom of what’s causing your “check engine” light to come on and will make the appropriate repairs.
  • Major repairs and replacements. If a key component of your vehicle breaks down, you won’t be able to keep driving. Our dedicated team makes major repairs to all vehicle components to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Where repairs are not possible or practical, our mechanics will recommend and oversee a replacement.

Whatever your vehicle needs, our mechanics will provide it. Consider the team at Tim’s Truck Capital your partners in helping your vehicle be the best it can be for as long as it can be. We’ll help you determine the right maintenance schedule for your vehicle to get the best results, and we’ll alert you to any issues in their earliest stages so that you can make the needed repairs and adjustments before the problems have a chance to damage your vehicle further or cost you more money.

 New Hampshire Service Center for the Epsom, Concord, and Manchester Area Car Repair Service

 New Hampshire Service Center for the Epsom, Concord, and Manchester Area Car Repair Service

 New Hampshire Service Center for the Epsom, Concord, and Manchester Area Car Repair Service

A Commitment to Quality and Service

When you bring your vehicle to the service center at Tim’s Truck Capital, you are getting more than basic service. Our mechanics aren’t like those you’ll find at other service shops – detached and interested only in getting the job done as quickly and cheaply as possible. Our dedicated staff are truly a team, and they work together to provide our customers the highest quality service and workmanship. They truly care about our customers and about taking the best care of their vehicles possible.

Besides making sure that your vehicle is in top condition when it leaves our service center, our mechanics are committed to making sure you are truly satisfied with their service. Our staff is friendly and caring. They take the time to truly listen to you to get to know you and your vehicle as well as they can. Over time, you will start to feel like part of the Tim’s Truck Capital family.

You can talk to any of our many satisfied customers to learn about the quality of service we provide, or you can read any of our positive online reviews. Tim’s Truck Capital is highly rated for our service and our results. We are a reputable and trusted local company that rises above our competitors time and time again.

Serving Customers in the Concord, Manchester, and Epsom Areas

At Tim’s Truck Capital, we try to make it easy for you to get the automotive maintenance and repairs that you need. We serve customers throughout the Concord, Manchester, and Epsom areas, including:

  • Loudon
  • Chichester
  • Pembroke
  • Allenstown
  • Suncook
  • Hooksett
  • Auburn
  • Deerfield
  • Raymond
  • Candia
  • Northwood

If you need assistance getting your vehicle to our service center or getting a rental vehicle while your vehicle is being serviced, we can help. We have contacts throughout the area to help you get what you need quickly so that you can keep your vehicle serviced on schedule without disrupting your schedule too much.

Our mechanics work hard to service your vehicle quickly so you can get back on the road quickly. Yet they never focus on time at the expense of quality. They work efficiently in the interest of time without neglecting any aspect of your vehicle’s care.

Our service center maintains flexible hours so you can bring your vehicle in at a time that best meets your schedule. We open at 8 a.m. every day except Sunday, and we stay open until 5:30 p.m. on the weekdays and at noon on Saturdays. We take the day off on Sundays so that our mechanics can rest.

You can contact us through our website to schedule a visit, and someone from our service staff will contact you quickly to set an appointment. Just let us know your preferred contact time for the return call.

You can also call us directly at (888) 789-8812 to schedule a service appointment or to order parts for your repair. If you have questions, you can also chat with us online before scheduling a visit. We’ll help you understand what your vehicle might need and how we might be able to help.

Call to schedule a service with Tim’s Truck Capital today and learn why we are the service experts that Epsom residents have come to trust! Our expert technicians are among the best in the area, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who offers better service than we do.

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