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Are the Advantages of a Manual Transmission Real?

Posted at Fri, Nov 27, 2020 12:30 PM

Manual transmissions are often preferred by car enthusiasts who get into the finer points of performance, as well as by truck owners who really know how to make the most of their horsepower and torque for hauling and for getting out of sticky situations. You may be wondering whether you should also choose a manual transmission when you are shopping for a new car or truck.

Here are some of the very real advantages of a manual transmission to consider:

More Control

When you are driving a vehicle with a manual transmission, you have full control over when to shift. That means that you can get that extra power or torque right when you need it – say, when you are going uphill with a heavy tow load or when you are ready to accelerate out of that mud pit you’ve found yourself in.

You also have more control over your braking with a manual transmission since there is no torque converter, as is found in vehicles with automatic transmissions.

Lower Fuel and Oil Usage

Fluids deteriorate less quickly in a manual transmission vehicle. That means that your vehicle won’t use up as much oil, which means you won’t need oil changes as frequently.

Manual transmissions also help your vehicle get better fuel economy. Manual transmissions don’t have the torque converter and hydraulic pump that are found on vehicles with automatic transmissions, and which cause the vehicle to use up much more gas. You can get up to 15 percent better fuel economy if you switch to a manual transmission. That’s a fantastic benefit if you’re driving a truck, which likely doesn’t get great fuel economy because of its size and power. You can use every mile you can get to save money and reduce trips to the pump.

Easier Maintenance

Manual transmissions are less complex than automatic transmissions in terms of their construction. That means that there are fewer opportunities for a component to fail, which means fewer likely repairs. You won’t have to spend as much to maintain or to repair your vehicle. Often, the only part to need attention on a manual transmission is the clutch, but you generally won’t have an issue for hundreds of thousands of miles.

Buying a vehicle with a manual transmission is going to pay off again and again. You are going to have greater control of your vehicle, and you’re going to pay less to maintain it and keep it fueled. Those benefits are going to be amplified if you buy a truck, where you will need that control to handle heavy jobs and tough terrain, you’ll need that boost with fuel economy, and you’ll be glad to save on expensive repairs. Many truck models come with manual transmission because manufacturers widely recognize these benefits. Tim’s Truck Capital carries a wide variety of truck models with manual transmission, and our friendly and knowledgeable associates are happy to help you find the perfect truck to fit your needs. Visit us today to shop our great selection of new and previously owned trucks!

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