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Advantages of a Sequential Gearbox – Part 2

Posted at Wed, Aug 10, 2016 8:15 AM

4. Minimal to no use of the clutch: In manual transmissions, the clutch and engine are engaged simultaneously to push the vehicle forward. There is absolutely no use of the clutch when you are using a sequential gearbox. The only time you actually use it is when you have to start the engine from idle. Therefore, you have more time to engage with other components of the car.

5. Shift lever remains in a consistent location: Though the ‘H’ pattern shifter moves in a limited space, you still have to keep track of the gear and its location. In free-flowing traffic that may not seem to be a big problem, but when you are trudging through vehicles during rush-hour, you may find it quite tasking. The lever in a sequential gearbox will always remain in the same location, although either forward or backward. S, you know exactly where to place your hand and shift gears. This is especially useful in racing because the driver cannot fumble in the cockpit searching for the gear location.

6. Direct engagement of the engine and transmission: Due to the minimal use of the clutch, the engine is able to directly engage with the transmission. This allows better power transmission to the wheels (almost 100 percent), giving you faster acceleration in a short amount of time.

Continue to part 3 to learn more benefits of the sequential gearbox and its use in mass-produced vehicles. If you are looking to buy a used pickup truck, Tim’s Truck Capital & Auto Sales Inc. is your best bet.




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