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Be Smart About Storing Your Truck

Posted at Wed, Oct 4, 2017 4:00 PM

Do you need to store your truck for a few weeks or months? Maybe you’re leaving the country on an extended trip, or you might be a snowbird and are heading to Florida for the winter. It’s important not to just park it and forget it.

Short-term storage is typically 3-6 months. If you don’t take precautions before you store your truck, you could come back to problems and issues like surface rust or carburetor issues. At Tim’s Truck Capital and Auto Sales in Epsom, NH, we have a few tips for you about storing your truck or car.

Install the right spark plugs. Have you been using sub-par spark plugs? If so, switch back to OE or OE equivalent plugs before you store your truck.

Buy a battery charger. You can also use a maintainer that plugs into a wall. Both are inexpensive and will keep your battery charged long-term. You can also disconnect your truck’s battery while it is stored.

Use Fogging oil. This is extremely important when storing a vehicle. This oil will protect everything in the intake and the exhaust inside the cylinder head from rust.

Use a fuel additive. A fuel additive can prevent octane loss. Just empty your truck’s gas tank as best you can then add the fuel additive. Then, fill the tank with fuel all the way to maintain octane levels and prevent rust from forming inside the tank.

Talk to a professional. If you aren’t confident in your abilities to perform these steps to successfully and safely store your vehicle, have the service team at Tim’s Truck Capital do the work.

Leave The Work To Tim’s Truck Capital

At Tim’s Truck Capital, we are happy to help you with any auto-related issue. We can help prepare your truck for storage. We also have a great selection of used trucks NH and used cars for sale in NH. Plus, you can trust our service experts to help keep your truck running great for as long as you own it!

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