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Best Material And Color For The Interior Of A Work Truck

Posted at Tue, Jun 22, 2021 4:45 PM

Choosing the right material and right color to use for your work truck seats is very important if you want your seats to be durable, comfortable and look professional.

Finding the right automobile upholstery fabric for use in your work trucks requires you to find a material that's comfortable, high-wearing, waterproof, stain-resistant, can stand up to the sun's UV rays, is easy to clean and looks good. Some popular options are vinyl, leather and neoprene, but other fabrics deserve consideration. Picking the right color is also important if you want the work trucks to look their best for years.


Vinyl is a good choice for work truck upholstery that has been popular for many years. It is inexpensive, looks good, is waterproof and easy to clean, patch and otherwise repair. It offers drivers working in professions where they might get dirt, mud, oil or other substances that dirty or stain upholstery a simple material with exceptionally protective qualities. The downside is vinyl tends to get uncomfortably hot and crack in very warm temperatures, be cold in fall and winter and get damaged when subjected to lots of wear and tear. Spills, wet work gear on dirty tools put on it are not absorbed and can simply be wiped off vinyl seats.


Leather is extremely durable, stylish and comfortable work truck upholstery material. It is easy to clean, can endure rough treatment, has high abrasion resistance, stays cool in hot weather, when treated well, it can last a lifetime and gives the work truck an upscale look and feel. However, leather seats can be expensive, must be conditioned to prevent them from cracking and peeling and require some basic maintenance for it to keep on looking good. Leather conditioners needed for treating the upholstery can be found at many auto parts stores.

Neoprene Or Neo-Supreme

Neoprene is the high-quality, thick, durable, rubber-based waterproof material from which wetsuits are made. Neo-Supreme is a version of it specially designed for use in automobiles. It's comfortable, protects the seats well, it looks great, is so form fitting it fits the shape of any vehicle's seat perfectly, resists fading from the UV rays of the sun, protects against spills and stains, is highly customizable, puncture resistant, provides extra cushioning and is a favorite of drivers in the know. However, Neoprene and Neo-Supreme work truck seat upholstery can be quite expensive.

Picking The Right Color

The color of the upholstery you use in your work truck is also very important if it's to look its best and reflect positively on your company. The best colors to use are black or dark brown. Both those colors look rich, make juice spills and coffee stains disappear and will match and complement the color of the uniform your workers wear no matter what they are. Whether you are ordering work trucks with brand new seats or are getting new seat covers for work trucks you already have, black or dark brown are the best colors to choose.

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