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Checking Your Tires

Posted at Fri, Aug 19, 2016 11:15 AM

Do you regularly check the condition in which your tires are in? Checking your tires on a regular basis is a very good habit to get into. When looking into your tire’s health, it is important to check the tire’s sidewalls for cracks and low tire pressure.

Similarly, you also need to look for tread wear. However, there is no exact method here. It all depends on the tire. High-performance tires and low rolling tires have very little tread to begin with. So, the only thing you can look out for is uneven wear. Are there tread blocks that seem glazed? Just keep an eye out for such things.

Then, we have repairs and punctures to keep an eye on. A repair may not signal immediate trouble, but, a puncture will affect the tire’s life. For instance, a large puncture will result in the creation of a weak spot. This will eventually lead to an early belt shift.

Finally, watch out for smoke. If there is any kind of smoke coming out of the used vehicle, you have a problem. Blue smoke signals oil burning problems and black smoke signals issues with the fuel system. White smoke occurs as a result of the anti-freeze burning, which happens when there is an issue with the head gasket.

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