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Chevy Silverado 1500 Tailgate Options

Posted at Sat, Aug 29, 2020 12:00 PM

When it comes to your truck, every component is essential. The safety features keep you and your crew out of harm’s way. The technology offerings make the daily commute easier than ever. And the performance just keeps getting better. But what about the truck bed? Often the unsung hero of the pickup, Chevrolet has been hard at work trying to perfect this key component. So what’s the result? Four different tailgates for you to choose from.

4 Tailgates, One Big Choice

While exterior options are common on modern work trucks, having this wide a variety of tailgate systems is pretty unusual. You can tell the team at Chevy has been trying to think outside of the box to help hard working drivers get more done. Of course, the Work Truck (WT) comes with your standard tailgate lowering system upgraded on the 2019 Silverado to aluminum. Two of these tailgates have been upgraded with torsion bars to help dampen or slow lowering and assist with lifting the gate. However, one tailgate in particular stood out to our team: the motorized tailgate.

The New, Motorized Tailgate

If you choose a Silverado 1500 LTZ or High Country you have the ability to check out Chevrolet’s latest innovation in truck bed tech: the motorized tailgate system. This system replaces the torsion bar with an electric motor and gear reduction in the bottom of the tailgate and a pair of power-assist closure latches.

The team at Chevrolet made sure to think of the features conscientious drivers would want to see from a piece of technology like this. When you touch the electronic latch on the tailgate or double-tap the tailgate button on the key fob, the latches release. Then the motor spins to lower the lightweight aluminum gate. CLosing it is just as easy, you can use the key fob again or just manually lift the tailgate. The motor will bring the gate up so the latches catch and pull the gate closed-- similar to how Chevrolet Corvette doors close into place once you latch them. And rest assured, there are force switches that reverse the motor if any resistance (like someone’s finger or a favorite toy) is felt, and the gate won't close if something is resting on it. That makes this an especially useful and safe option for pickup owners of all ages.

A Modern Truck Built to Handle Today’s Work

The same care and attention to detail placed into the smallest features of the Silverado 1500 truck bed can be seen throughout the entire pickup. Newer model years offer eight trim levels, six engine choices, three cab styles and three bed lengths. Whether you’re looking for an affordable work horse like the Work Truck and Custom models or want something packed with interior features like the LT and LTZ models, there’s a Silverado 1500 to suit just about everyone’s needs. These models also deliver sporty handling and a comfortable ride without sacrificing power.

This vehicle is built to last and has features that will prove useful for years to come. That’s the kind of vehicle we want to sell. If you are in the market for a pickup truck or just have questions about the Chevy Silverado, stop by our New Hampshire dealership or give us a call today!

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