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Do Trucks Really Lose Horsepower With Age? How Does This Work? – I

Posted at Mon, Jul 25, 2016 11:45 AM

When buying a car you thoroughly check its specifications and confirm that it is the vehicle of your dreams. Many discussions and inquiries later you finally make the purchase. A few drives or years down the line you notice the automobile isn’t working as its old self. There is a significant loss of horsepower. But is that even possible? Can a truck lose its horsepower over time? The answer is, yes. Take a look at how and why it happens.

One of the most common causes of loss in horsepower is wear and tear of the engine. No matter how lovingly you care for your car its engine will wear out after some time, reducing horsepower. Everything has a shelf life and your car is no different. Once the parts reach the end of their shelf life, you can expect them to deteriorate slowly. This deterioration affects a number of other components as well.

When the engine begins to wear, maintaining compression becomes a challenge. The wear is usually found on cylinder walls and piston rings. The purpose of the rings is to prevent pressure from the fuel and air mixture from traveling along the cylinder walls. Due to wear, there are minuscule gaps formed, allowing the pressure to blow-by. Thus, the crank case is filled with contaminants and combustion byproducts. The result is a decrease in compression ratio and in turn, a decrease in horsepower.

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