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Do Trucks Really Lose Horsepower With Age? How Does This Work? – III

Posted at Fri, Jul 29, 2016 11:45 AM

You’ve seen the major causes of power loss in your automobile. But even the smallest of things can pose big problems, directly or indirectly, to your engine. Take a look at some of the minor glitches which should be taken care of immediately.

• Oil: Oil will prevent friction between parts and allow the engine to pump better. If you do not change the oil regularly, it starts accumulating gunk which increases its viscosity. The viscosity prevents the oil from lubricating the engine properly and leads to faster wear and tear of its parts.

• Air filters: The more you use your car the more air is pushed through its air filters. Over a period of time, they collect enough debris to cause clogging. When this happens, the engine has to push harder to let in air. Thus, there is less amount of air passing through the engine than required. The reduction in air quantity into the engine robs it of power. This can easily be rectified by cleaning out or replacing the air filters.

• Fuel injectors: When fuel injectors are clogged, there is a possibility of more fuel than air being added to the mixture. The mismatch in fuel-air ratio can reduce performance.

A number of factors, either singly or combined, contribute to the reduction in power of an engine. You can decelerate, but not prevent, this loss with regular maintenance and service of your car.

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