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Does Your Vehicle Need A Tune-up?

Posted at Wed, Jun 14, 2017 12:15 PM

With our busy lives, it’s easy for a couple of years to pass without getting your vehicle tuned up. Spring is a good time to see if your vehicle is really running smoothly. As you drive each day, observe any changes in its performance and if you notice any changes, call Tim’s Truck Capital & Auto Sales to schedule a tune-up. Our professional service technicians can get your vehicle back up to full performance. They can also help you set up a regular maintenance schedule so you can take care of problems before they become more serious. At Tim’s Truck Capital we specialize in used trucks for sale.

Common Performance Issues

?Hard Starting. This is one of the most common car troubles related to neglected maintenance. If the starter cranks the engine, the electrical system is probably okay. The problem could be as simple as a starting sensor or choke.

?Knocking. This can be caused by inferior fuel, but it’s often a sign your engine needs attention. Many cars have built-in knock sensors to correct minor problems, but they can't compensate for more major issues that could cause engine damage.

?Rough Running. This can a problem in the fuel or ignition system, or by a valve or piston that’s not working properly. It’s important to let your technician know when it occurs: when idling, during acceleration or at all speeds?

?Poor Gas Mileage. If you notice a drop in gas mileage, it could have a number of causes: under-inflated tires, engine running too cold, transmission malfunction, dragging brakes or misaligned wheels.

?Stalling. Stalling can be caused by dirty fuel system parts, the wrong idle speed, adjustments, sensor or switch, worn spark plugs or other engine deficiencies. Notice if the stalling takes place when the engine’s hot, cold or with the air conditioning on?

?Dieseling. Also known as "after-run,” dieseling causes the engine to keep chugging and coughing for a few seconds after you shut off the ignition. This can result from inferior gasoline and high idle speed to carbon in the combustion chamber.

?Power Loss. A dirty fuel filter commonly causes power loss. Preventative maintenance can help.

Bring Your Vehicle to Tim’s Truck Capital & Auto Sales If You Notice Any of These Small Warning Signs
At #Tim’sTruckCapital & Auto Sales, our service technicians encourage you to take preventive measures before there are serious problems. Our service technicians are always ready and willing to help you maintain your vehicle. We take pride in caring for our customers. We specialize in used pickups for sale. Our service department is one of the best and our factory-trained technicians can help keep your truck, car or SUV running like new. Visit our website at to see our complete inventory.

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