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Even Tough Guys Need a Winter Survival Kit

Posted at Mon, Nov 13, 2017 12:30 PM

So you drive a pickup truck. That means you can handle just about anything the road can dish out, right? Not really. With the crazy winter weather we get around Concord, you never know. You could slide on black ice, end up in a snowbank, hydroplane in the rain or be stuck in traffic during a blizzard. Then what? Well, if you take the time to create a Winter Emergency Kit for your car, truck, minivan or crossover, you’d be in good shape, and your passengers would know you’re a super hero!

Here’s what you need to create a kit, courtesy of the service experts at Tim’s Truck Capital and Auto Sales in Epsom NH.

?A tow chain or rope

?Jumper cables

?Water and snacks, like energy bars, nuts and dried fruit

?Road sale, kitty litter or sand for traction

?Emergency flares or reflectors

?A cell phone charger

?A blanket, gloves, socks and a warm hat

?A windshield scraper


?Matches and a small candle

?A pen and paper

?A first aid kit

With these items in your kit, you’re ready for just about anything Mother Nature can throw at you.

If you have to call 911, be sure to provide the operator with the following information:

?How many people are in your vehicle and the condition they are in

?The geographic location of your vehicle

?Determine what your next steps should be, and then stick to the plan

?If you must leave your vehicle, leave a note on your dashboard inside the vehicle stating your name, phone number, direction you are going and your intention. Make sure it can be easily read from outside your vehicle.

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