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Everything You Need to Know About Defrosters

Posted at Wed, Feb 1, 2017 1:00 PM

Our service team at #Tim’sTruckCapital&AutoSales is knowledgeable and experienced about vehicles. They are trained in offering service for many makes and models of vehicles. This makes our dealership a valuable resource when your vehicle needs regular maintenance or if you are experiencing any type of issue. Our expert service technicians also like to share information about how things work in a vehicle. Here’s some information about your vehicle’s defroster, a system you can’t live without.

What Does A Defroster Do?
The front window defroster in your vehicle is designed to remove frost, ice and condensation from the front windshield. Your vehicle may also have a rear-window defroster. Rear window defrosters are standard on all late model vehicles.

Why Does Condensation Form?
Condensation forms on your windows when the outdoor temperature is colder than the temperature inside your vehicle. This occurs frequently during fall and spring. When outdoor temperatures drop further during the winter, the condensation turns to frost or ice.

How Does A Defroster Work?
Your vehicle’s front defroster system includes vents aimed directly at the windshield. In newer vehicles, there are also side vents in the dashboard aimed at the driver’s side and passenger’s side windows. The same fan and blower motor used in your heater and air conditioner systems, circulates air to the vents to defrost the windows. Rear window defrosters typically operate from electric wiring built into the rear window. The wiring heats up the window to melt the frost and ice.

What Is The Recommended Maintenance For A Defroster?
Your vehicle’s front defroster system depends on the coolant, thermostat, heating system and blower fan. These all need to be operating properly for your defroster to keep your windows clear and frost-free. Our Service Technicians at Tim’s Truck Capital & Auto Sales can check the components for your defroster system as well as any other recommended maintenance for your vehicle. Keeping your vehicle maintained is the best way to prevent problems from occurring when you’re on the road. Stop in today or schedule an appointment through our website at Our Service Team will welcome you and recommend maintenance for your vehicle. We have a great team to help you keep your vehicle running its best. We are one of the most dependable car dealerships in New Hampshire and also specialize in used truck sales.




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