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GMC New Rear-View Camera Makes Your Trailer "invisible"

Posted at Sat, Feb 15, 2020 11:30 AM

Trailering is a very important duty for many truck owners, and being able to trailer with confidence is something all drivers hope to achieve. GMC unveiled a new technology available to its 2020 Sierra Heavy Duty models to make trailering more of a breeze for their drivers. Rear-view cameras now come standard in most pickups, but their placement on the truck’s bumper makes them ineffective when it comes to maneuvering with a trailer hitched. GMC’s ProGrade Trailering System features 15 different camera views, to help you see your trailer as you maneuver. But the most impressive camera view of all, is the one that makes your trailer, virtually “invisible”.

How It Works:

Ever wondered if there’s something hiding directly behind your trailer without having to get out of the truck? It seems impossible, but GMC got it figured out. The image captured on the rear-view camera mounted on your truck’s tailgate is combined seamlessly to an image captured from an available auxiliary camera mounted on the end of your trailer, making your trailer appear transparent. The image is displayed on your truck’s Infotainment Center screen, just as it would when putting your truck in reverse. The truck’s computer processes this image in real time, to make backing up, turning, and regular travel with your trailer much easier. The trailer’s hitch and outline are both visible to you when this view is accessed, allowing you to be much more aware of the trailer’s placement among your surroundings. Blind spots become a thing of the past with this camera view.

What Trucks & Trailers Have this Capability?

For now, GMC’s 2020 Sierra HD models and Chevrolet Silverado HD and 1500 both come with optional ProGrade Trailering system and transparent trailer capabilities. GMC says this technology only works with standard box-type trailers up to 32 feet in length at this time. This means no goosenecks or 5th wheel trailers, or extra long trailers.

Other Noteworthy Aspects:

The Prograde Trailering System’s 15 camera views allow you to see almost every angle of your truck and trailer, including one from directly above your truck. The 15 angles can be broken down into 3 categories - hitching, parking, and driving. Easily flip through angles on your trucks infotainment center. Hitching up, parking, and traveling with a trailer have never been easier than with this technology. An app for Apple and Android is available, and the driver can access most camera views and other information about their trailer directly from the app. This app can also display on the truck’s infotainment center through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Towing and trailering are a large aspect of truck ownership for many, and being able to do so with confidence and ease is now an option for those without years of towing experience. GMC’s ProGrade Trailering System seamlessly eliminates the worry of blindspots for trailer hitching, parking, and travel. At Tim’s Truck Capital, we’ll happily help you find the right truck to fit you and your trailering needs. Contact our friendly staff today to get started!

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