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Grille Guards And Bull Bars; Do You Need Them For Your Truck?

Posted at Sun, Jul 25, 2021 10:15 AM

Grille Guards, also known as Bull Bars, are items you install to upgrade the appearance of your truck and enhance its functionality. A grille guard helps protect the front end of your truck from dents, scrapes and damage caused by gravel, rocks, grass and other things that may be kicked up off the roadway. grille guards can also help to prevent injury should your truck hit an animal, an automobile or anything else. grille guards improve both the safety and aesthetics of your truck, especially if you go offroading. While you may not always need them for your truck, they do offer tremendous advantages.

Five Reasons To Get Grille Guards

There are many good reasons to install grille guards on your pickup truck, here are 5 important ones.

1. They Work Well With Tow Hooks And Other Truck Accessories

Grille guards complement the other accessories you already have on your truck, like tow hooks. They also help to protect the radiator and other parts behind the grille. Due to their strength, tow hooks can sometimes act as mounts for the bull bars. Some truck accessory manufacturers sometimes include tow hooks to be used with the guards.

2. Gives You A Place To Add Additional Lights

Some people put additional fog, driving and auxiliary off-road lights on their grille guards. It is important to check the specific product descriptions to make sure it is possible to do this because not all manufacturers make grille guards with this option. This type of grille guard, not only will you give your truck some additional lighting capabilities, it will also give it a more rugged appearance.

3. Added Front End Protection In Minor Accidents

Grille guards help protect your truck in low-speed, low-impact crashes. They can help prevent the bumper, grille and lights from sustaining serious damage. Grille guards can sometimes even push sedentary objects a short distance. Grille guards that have skid plates can provide good protection for the lower front bumper in the event you are in a low-speed collision.

4. Better Protection If You Collide With An Animal

Grille guards can prevent your truck from sustaining major structural damage if you hit a medium-sized deer while going at a moderate speed. Grille guards may not be enough to protect your truck when it comes to unfortunate larger collisions.

5. Makes Your Truck Look More Rugged

Grille guards give your truck a rugged look while protecting your paint job from dents and scratches while offroading. If you match your truck's finish and accessories with a grille guard that complements them, it can make it look powerful, rugged and attractive.

A Versatile Addition

Whether you want to protect your truck’s front-end when offroading, or give it a more rugged, stylish look, grille guards can be a good addition. Just tell the team at Tim's Truck the year, make and model the truck you have and they will give you the right grille guard for you and your truck’s needs.

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