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How Does a Truck’s Snow Plow Work?

Posted at Fri, Nov 15, 2019 10:30 AM

Everybody knows how useful a truck can be. You can use it to move furniture, get rid of your old appliances, bring in extra dirt for your yard, and a whole lot more. You likely also know that a truck is great in inclement weather, giving you more control in rain, ice, and snow.

What you may not realize is that your truck can even be a snow plow when the streets are piled high with powder and you can’t navigate your way through your neighborhood to get to work or to get needed supplies. You can attach a snow plow to the front of your truck and get even more from your investment.

However, it’s important that you know how a snow plow works on trucks so that you know the right options to get.

Blade Size and Type

What kind of snow plow blade you can get depends on the type of truck you have. Typically, blades are between six and nine feet. The larger the blade, the more snow you can move – but the larger your truck will need to be. Smaller trucks will need to stick with the six-foot blades, while three-quarter ton trucks and larger can handle the nine-foot blades.

The most common blade type is the straight blade, which can push the snow forward or backward and can be tilted for pushing snow to the side. V-shaped blades are available that can push the snow to both sides at the same time.


Mounting a snow blade isn’t like mounting a bike rack. You’ll need to attach it using permanent measures (though it can be disconnected later). Mounting the snow plow will require pins to keep it in place and attaching it to electrical wires and more. You may even have to remove your bumper. This isn’t a job you can do yourself, and you’ll have to hire a pro to do it.

Note that the plow will also block your headlights, so you’ll need to mount lights on your plow so that you can still safely use your truck in all conditions.

Blade Control

A snow plow requires a hydraulic system to lift it, and that can be powered in one of two ways: Directly from your truck’s engine or from a pump that is powered from your engine. The electrical system (powered directly by your engine) is usually simpler to install, easier to use, and less expensive. You’ll need to talk to a mechanic about what will work best with your truck.

At Tim’s Truck Capital, we can help you find the perfect truck to handle the snowy conditions each winter, including being able to handle a snow plow. Our sales team can help you find the perfect truck, and our service team can help you learn more about how the plow will work with your specific truck. They can also give you advice about which plow would be best for your truck. Visit us today to get started!

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