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How To Get Your Vehicle Unstuck

Posted at Wed, Dec 6, 2017 10:45 AM

Winter is definitely on the way, which means there will be more opportunities for your car, truck, minivan, SUV or crossover to get stuck in the snow.Whether your vehicle is buried to the axles or just slipping a little, here are some tips from Tim’s Truck Capital to help you get unstuck.

Don’t Hit The Brakes

If your car or truck begins to slide off the road and is headed toward a drift, slush pile or snow bank, don’t stop.You’re truck’s momentum can carry you out of the mush in all likelihood.Don’t stop until you are completely stuck. Even a tiny bit of constant movement is better than just spinning your wheels.

Don’t Spin Your Wheels

If you’re stuck and your wheels are just spinning, stop.Stomping the pedal and spinning your wheels is just going to make matters worse.

Shift to Low Gear

Put your automatic transmission into the lowest gear.However, for manual transmissions, shift to a higher gear like 3rd or 4th, and use your clutch to control the spin.You’ll get less shock on the tires and more control to keep your tires from spinning.

Rock It

This is a great method to get unstuck. Use the engine to roll your vehicle forward, put it in reverse, roll it backwards and then shift to drive and roll forward.By doing this several times, you can build momentum and often get it out of the rut it’s stuck in.

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