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Insure Your New or Used Vehicle Before Driving It Off the Dealer’s Lot

Posted at Wed, Feb 8, 2017 4:30 PM

We want you to be happy when you drive your new or used vehicle from our Epsom, NH lot at Tim’s Truck Capital & Auto Sales. And, we want you to be protected from the unexpected, too.

Get Your Vehicle Insured!
If you are planning to buy a vehicle and have not owned a vehicle before, you will need to get insurance in place before you drive your new vehicle home. If you currently own a vehicle and will replace that vehicle with another, some insurance companies will allow you 7 to 30 days to let them know to update your policy. It is best that you contact your insurance company to find out exactly how to get the coverage transferred so your new car is covered.

Do your homework before buying
Our #Tim’sTruckCapital Sales Team recommends you do a little insurance homework before you shop for a vehicle. First, talk to your current insurance company if you have one. Tell them what type of vehicle you are thinking about purchasing. Ask them what is required to get an insurance policy on a new or used vehicle.

If this will be your first vehicle, contact a few insurance companies to do some price and coverage comparisons.

Come to our Tims’ Truck Capital & Auto Sales showroom and talk with our expert Sales Team. We can give you information about the vehicle to share with your insurance company so you can get an accurate estimate of the insurance cost.

Safety features could mean a discount
Some of the safety features of the vehicle may lower your insurance rate. We will tell you about the features of your favorite vehicle that may qualify for a discount.

Tim’s Truck Capital & Auto Sales Welcomes You
When you’re in the market for a used truck, SUV or car, we hope you’ll check out our extensive inventory. We specialize in used truck sales and are one of the most dependable car dealerships in New Hampshire. To view our inventory and learn more, visit our website at




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