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Maintaining Your Truck’s Radiator

Posted at Mon, May 16, 2016 9:45 AM

Among all used vehicle problems, engine issues are the most common. So it is essential to ensure proper care of the engine and its associated systems. Proper maintenance of the cooling system and the radiator is extremely necessary to maintain your vehicle and keep it in top-notch shape. The clichéd notion of prevention being better than cure really holds ground here- a lot of dollars would be wasted on unnecessary repairs if you neglect the cooling system of the vehicle. Here are some pointers to guide you regarding the maintenance of your truck’s radiator:

Cooling Fluids: You should regularly check the fluid levels of your truck; they are the primary components of the cooling system. If the levels drop too low, it will lead to damages due to overheating. These fluids also protect the engine in extremely cold weather by not letting the water freeze. If you notice that the fluid levels keep on dropping down frequently, there could be a leak in the radiator – seek professional help immediately.

Flushing: The radiator must be flushed periodically irrespective of the mileage of your truck. This should be done once every couple of years to remove rust and buildup of sediments in the radiator.

Engine Temperature: The engine temperature should be monitored. If it rises abnormally high, the radiator isn’t working properly. Take the vehicle to the mechanic when this happens.

Maintenance of Belt and Hose: Every time you change the oil, take a look at the belt and hose of the radiator. You should ensure that there are no cracks or leaks in these.

Tests: Thermostat test, pressure test, and fan test should be conducted periodically, especially on older vehicles.

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