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Nighttime Driving: Do You Want to See Better At Night?

Posted at Wed, Mar 22, 2017 3:30 PM

Do you know someone who doesn’t enjoy driving once the sun has gone down? Or is that person, you? You’re not alone. A recent survey from SYLVANIA Automotive found that 62% of motorists avoid driving during evening hours. However, for many people, avoiding night time driving isn’t an option: you still need to get home from work, children still need to get to and from after-school activities and daily life goes on. In order to increase visibility on the road and make you more comfortable when driving at night, we at Tim’s Truck Capital & Auto Sales recommend you install high-performance headlights on your vehicle.

The Importance of Headlight Maintenance
Improving a vehicle’s headlights can improve a driver’s overall experience on the road. Better headlights can help improve down road visibility, increasing the chance of seeing objects sooner in the event of an accident or hazardous road conditions. Headlight maintenance is a simple task that drivers of all ages should prioritize when it comes to overall road safety.

While many focus on oil changes, brake pads and tire pressure checks, headlight maintenance is often overlooked. Changing your headlights is usually a simple DIY fix that doesn’t require a mechanic and helps to keep you and your passengers safe when driving at night. Or you can bring your vehicle to our service professionals at Tim’s Truck Capital & Auto Sales in Epsom, NH. We’re always ready to help you make your driving experience safer.

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