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Older, inexpensive vehicles built to last- Simple Mechanics

Posted at Mon, May 9, 2016 9:15 AM

There is a notion amongst car owners that newer vehicles are not built as well as ones from the past. While there are arguments that both encourage and dispel this belief, the fact remains that there are many older vehicles that were built exceptionally well. Buying one of these vehicles can be a cost effective way to ensure that you are getting a great vehicle that will last long with minimal repair costs.

Some cars that were found to run perfectly even after long crossing their predicted life span include the Isuzu Rodeo SUV, Honda Civic compact sedan and coupe, Toyota Land Cruiser SUV, Ford F-150 pickup truck and Jeep Grand Cherokee. These models have been tested by consumers and have proven their ability to remain well running far beyond expectation. Many of these vehicles have been praised by and Forbes as great options.

Modern vehicles are also built to last and perform well even beyond 250,000 miles with proper care and routine services and check-ups. Because these vehicles have been around for many years, older models frequently have simple mechanics and are simple to work on from home.

If you want to buy a used vehicle that will last you for a number of years, head down to Tim's Truck Capital and book a test drive today. If you have an older vehicle that needs servicing, Tim’s Truck Capital can help with that as well!




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