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Pickup Truck Motors and Gas Milage

Posted at Tue, Jun 22, 2021 4:45 PM

One of the things that most people don’t think of when it comes to pickup trucks is gas mileage, or how much gas they are using per mile. And why would they think of this, because it’s all a lot of math! However, the gas mileage for your truck is very important. It determines how far you can go with a certain tank of gas, and also comes into play with the cost of gas.

Do you want a gas guzzling motor that constantly needs to be refilled and only gets you partway to your destination? Or do you want a motor that will actually go the distance with you and make sure that you get there with half a tank of gas to spare?

While we can talk about the different types of motors, it would be remiss not to share some of the practical tips that will work for every single motor out in the world. Here are some great and easy tips to conserve your fuel and improve your gas mileage, all without having to order a single part.

Drive Safely

Safe driving doesn’t just keep you safe, but it also can support good gas mileage because you aren’t ‘jackrabbiting.’ That is where you start and stop the car rapidly, with hard braking and rapid acceleration. This can lower fuel economy if you ease up on your lead foot and drive carefully.

Additionally, if your car happens to have a manual transmission, then you need to be responsible while changing gears. For example, you can upshift as soon as it is practical to do so, and use the brakes to slow down the car instead of shifting the gear downward.

Finally, you can keep an eye on the road conditions. The best motors for trucks peak around 50 mph, and then it tanks as you increase your speed. Driving slower saves you gas, as does moving on cruise control. If you can avoid hard stops at stoplights and maintain your momentum to drive through them you will be good to go.

Maintain Your Truck

As cool as it might be to put the heaviest items you can find in your truck bed and start driving around, you need to remember that the heavier your truck bed is, the more fuel it takes to carry that load. This is especially true for smaller trucks as well, so keep the weight you are carrying in mind.

Additionally, inspect your truck, buy good gasoline and oil, and make sure to bring the truck in for maintenance every few months. These tips are just good maintenance, but you will focus on them doubly whenever they save you money on gas mileage!
These tips aren’t as radical as buying a new motor or making the change from gas to diesel, but they are good enough for people who want to make sure their trucks are running in tip-top shape. If you want to get the most gas mileage, try these tips and watch what happens!

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