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Preparing Your Vehicle For Fall and Colder Months

Posted at Sat, Aug 27, 2022 9:45 AM

If you live in an area with big changes in the air during the fall and colder months, you will want to prepare your vehicle. Otherwise, you could end up having to spend a lot of money on costly repairs. Worse yet, you and your family could end up on the side of the road in the worst possible time. Here are five tips to prepare your vehicle for the fall and colder months.

Check the Tires:

If you think about it, the one thing that touches the ground is your tires. If they are too worn out or not properly inflated, you are in for some trouble. This is especially true when it comes time to driving in the fall and winter. With wet, icy and snowy roads, bald or underinflated tires can bring you a lot of problems. They will also be less efficient and make it harder to drive. If you drive in a particular snowy area, you may want to install snow tires or at least put some snow chains in your trunk. That way you won’t be caught off guard during a winter storm.

Have the Brakes Inspected:

You should have your car’s brakes inspected. Faulty or less-than-stellar brakes will make it harder to drive safely and could leave you with some big issues down the road. Take your car in and have your brakes inspected, especially if it’s been a while.

Check Battery and Make Sure You Have Jumper Cables:

If you go to remote places, you will want to make sure your battery works well. If It’s on its last legs, consider replacing it. Or, at the very least, make sure that it’s still in tip-top shape. If not, you may find yourself in a world of hurt, and if it’s below freezing, nobody wants to be in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery. To be extra careful, don’t forget to pack jumper cables, if you haven’t already. Also, make sure you know how to use them properly. They could save you in a pinch and cost almost nothing, nor do they take up much space.

Check Thermostat and Cooler Levels:

You should change your vehicle’s coolant at least every two years, though extended-life coolants can last about five years. You should also test your defroster and heater before it’s too late. Otherwise, you may find it hard to see while driving, and that can be dangerous. Also, finally, check for leaking or even soft hoses and have them replaced as it’s much easier replacing them while in the shop and not out in the elements.

Emergency Kit:

If you plan on taking long road trips, alone or as a family, you should have an emergency kit. With flares, a first aid kit, and other basic items, you can avoid tragedy or at least a lot of discomfort if things go bad.

If you are prepared for the cold and inclement winter and fall months, you can ensure that you are safe and avoid any huge inconveniences, or worse. If you take your vehicle to Tim’s Truck, you can have your vehicle inspected and make sure that it’s fall and winter-ready, before it’s too late.

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