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Reducing Your Used Truck’s Gear Knocking

Posted at Mon, Apr 18, 2016 12:15 PM

Knocking is not a good sign for your gasoline engine. It can cause power loss, unusual noises, and even damage to the cylinders in extreme cases. Tim’s Truck Capital has some tips on how to prevent engine knocking.

Avoid using low octane fuel: If your vehicles has a high compression engine, low octane fuels are not the way to go. The high pressure causes the gasoline to ignite prematurely.

Avoid certain fuel additives: Fuel additives can be beneficial because it allows for the fuel to burn easier, but some additives can cause engine knocking.

Don't mix other fuels with petrol: There are some instances where drivers mix low cost fuels with gasoline in order to reduce to fuel expense, but this could lead to engine knocking in the long run.

Trying to drive on high gears: It is important to reduce gears when the vehicle is slowing down because the excess fuel that is injected into the combustion chamber could cause engine knocking if you do not reduce gears.

Trying to start a bike or vehicle in high gear: Make sure that you are in first gear when you start your vehicle. Starting at a higher gear will lead to engine known because of the excess fuel injection.

Engine knocking is dangerous for the engine and the gear system. If you do notice knocking in your truck, visit Tim's Truck Capital as soon as possible to have it looked at by an expert.




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