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Safety Tips For Teen Drivers From Tim’s Truck Capital

Posted at Mon, Jan 1, 2018 4:00 PM

You might be surprised to learn that most teen car crashes are not due to insufficient skills or knowledge. It’s usually because of a lack of maturity or an attitude problem. Here are some tips from Tim’s Truck Capital and Auto Sales that can help you prepare your teen driver so they are less likely to experience an automobile accident.

  1. You are their best role model. If you want them to be a safe driver, you need to be a safe driver. That means you need to obey speed limits and demonstrate good driving habits every time you drive with them.
  2. Play an active role in your teen’s practice driving. For the first six months they drive, make sure you are with them. Have them drive in a wide variety of driving conditions so they can build experience and confidence.
  3. Don’t let them drive with teen passengers for the first few months. Teens are easily distracted, especially by other teens. Make sure they have developed solid driving skills before you allow them to drive their friends around.
  4. Make sure they wear their seat belt 100% of the time. Make sure you do, as well.
  5. Talk to them about drugs and alcohol use. Studies show that when parents talk to teens about substance abuse, teens listen! Make sure they know not to get into a car with anyone who’s been drinking or using drugs—even a family member! And let them know the consequences if they ever drive under the influence.
  6. Help them learn how to drive safely at night. Driving at night can be challenging. It’s wise not to let your teen drive at night for the first few months, then gradually have them do it. You want them to be a confident driver before they start driving at night.
  7. Keep it safe and slow at first. Let your teen be comfortable driving in slower speed zones before you take them out on fast-moving, high volume traffic roads. You can gradually introduce them to more challenging driving situations like highway driving, major urban area and merge ramps.
  8. Make sure they learn how to drive in inclement weather. Ride with them as they learn how to navigate wet, icy or snowy roads.
  9. Limit their cell phone usage in the car. Make sure they know they should never text and drive or even talk and drive. If they need to use the phone, teach them to pull over and then talk.
  10. Choose a really safe vehicle for them to drive. You want to be sure the vehicle has high safety ratings and equipment like crumple zones and airbags.

Great Teen Vehicles At Tim’s Truck Capital

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