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Should You Be Worried About Noises Coming From Your Used Truck?

Posted at Wed, Apr 20, 2016 12:15 PM

If you are hearing metallic screeching sounds in your truck, it is something that you won’t want to simply ignore. Often we don't know where these sounds are coming from unless we are outside the truck and observing. Here is some more information on sounds your truck can make and why they may occur.

Clunking: There could be several problems with your vehicle if there is a clunking sound when you drive over a bump or pot hole. The ball joints may have worn out or the stabilizer link pin might be faulty. Many other components in the chassis can also lead to this problem.

Hissing: Hissing sounds usually indicate leaks in a vacuum line or cooling system. A leak in a vacuum line can lead to issues regarding fuel efficiency and drivability. If it is the cooling system issue, the leak will cause overheating.

Metallic screeching: If you hear a metallic screech when you hit the brakes, it means the brakes are worn out and it is time to change them. Many brake pads contain metal tabs which rub against the rotor when the pad becomes worn out. So the squealing is a warning sign that the pad is worn out.

Squealing: If you hear a squealing sound from the engine, it is probably an issue with the serpentine belt. The tensioner may be failing or the rubber may have become brittle and worn. The only solution is to change the belt.

Moaning: If you hear grunts from the engine when you turn the truck, it is an issue with the power steering pump. It is better to have the issue looked at before your truck goes south.

Knocking: If you hear a knocking sound when you increase the rpm in your truck, it may indicate a serious problem. You may have to adjust the valve clearance or it might be a problem with the lifter (the lifter isn't pumping correctly). If the noise is deep, it can indicate an issue with the rod bearing.

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