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Six Tips For Truck Happiness

Posted at Mon, Oct 2, 2017 3:45 PM

At Tim’s Truck Capital in Epsom NH, we’re crazy about trucks. And we try to help every customer find the right truck to fit their lifestyle and their budget. We also try to provide our customers with information that can help keep their truck running great for years to come. Our service experts prepared a list of six tips to keep your truck running better, longer.

1. Premium Gas Won't Make Your Truck Run Better. You might assume premium gasoline will make your truck run better but the fact is, unless you drive a high performance truck that requires premium gas, save your money and buy regular.

2. Take Recalls Seriously. Every so often, go online and look up your truck model on the manufacturer’s website and see if there’s been a recall. Or you can talk to the service experts at Tim’s Truck Capital. They’ll be happy to check it out for you. If your truck has been recalled, make sure you bring it in quickly. You don’t want to drive with a faulty part or system.

3. Driving on Empty Can Damage Your Truck’s Engine. Running on fumes, especially on a hot day, may cause your truck’s fuel pump to overheat or burn out. What an expensive mistake! Try to keep at least ¼ tank of fuel in your truck at all times.

4. Wax is your friend. Winter weather is coming, and road salt and other chemicals cause rust and corrosion. Wax your truck a few times a year to create a protective layer between the paint and the elements.

5. Tire inflation is important. If your tires are overinflated, it can cause wear and reduced traction. If your tires are under inflated, it can damage your wheels. It’s a smart idea to check your tires with a pressure gauge often even if your truck has a tire pressure monitoring system.

6. Read your owner’s manual. There’s a lot of helpful information in there that can help you protect your investment. You Won’t Regret Buying From Tim’s Truck CapitalAt Tim’s Truck Capital and Auto Sales, you’ll find the best selection of used trucks NH. We’re also proud to carry a wide variety of used cars for sale in NH. Come see us soon. We want to be your dealership!

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