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Solve That Mysterious Engine Light With Tim’s Truck Capital

Posted at Tue, Aug 8, 2017 11:30 AM

No matter when it happens, it’s never convenient when your Check Engine light comes on. It is especially frustrating if it comes on right after you took it in to Tim’s Truck Capital and Auto Sales for engine work. But there might be a good—albeit weird—explanation for it, especially if you live in an area with lots of trees, squirrels and other rodents. It could be that you’ve had some furry friends come for a visit.

What? Rodents?

Squirrels, mice and other rodents can get inside your engine compartment. Those furry critters can fit places you’d never imagine! When they sharpen their teeth on wires and hoses, it leads to electrical issues, a stalled vehicle or leaking fluids. Another reason they’ll try to get into your vehicle is because they smell food. Once they’re under your hood, they can make their way inside. Our used trucks NH dealership suggests the following to prevent unwanted guests:

  1. If you park near wooded areas, check for signs of rodents like acorns or droppings. Even if you have a garage they can get in! The engine, wheel wells and bumpers are great places hiding places for personal critter pantries.
  2. Don’t leave food baggies or crumbs in your vehicle. Rodents have a keen sense of smell and they will go searching.
  3. If your truck, SUV or sedan is parked somewhere for long periods of time, a critter might decide to call it their own. Be sure to move it from time to time if it’s not used daily.
  4. Leaving a few moth balls or traps around your vehicle is a great idea if you can’t avoid wooded areas or have to leave your vehicle parked for an extended period of time.

Tim’s Truck Capital And Auto Sales Will Get The Job Done

At Tim’s Truck Capital, we know nature takes its course. If you find that a rodent has made themselves at home in your vehicle, bring it in to our experienced service technicians at Tim’s Truck Capital and we’ll check things out. You can conveniently schedule a service appointment at We have the best used cars for sale in NH!

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