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Storing Your Plow and Control System for Spring

Posted at Fri, Mar 19, 2021 4:00 PM

Once you’ve finished with your snow plow and winter ends, you might end up placing the plow and control system into the storage facility and forget about them. That would be a mistake, as improper storage can lead to some severe problems during the next winter, including having the snow plow break down.

Thankfully, there are several things you can do to properly store your snow plow and also make sure that you won’t suffer breakdowns due to improper maintenance.

Before You Store

Once you’ve used the snow plow and are finished with it for the winter, make sure to spend some time and do an inspection of every part of the plow. Create a schedule and analyze your snowplow at least twice a year and certainly before winter starts. Make sure everything is working properly and correct the problems quickly if they aren’t working properly.

You should check the plow’s cutting edge, shoes, and its fasteners. If these things get worn down, or even worse, break, then your snow plow won’t be doing much snow plowing during the winter! Make sure to replace these items if necessary, and also check the electrical systems of your plow too.

It’s easy to get complacent and just look at the physical parts of the plow, but you should also look at the battery and ensure that it works. Also make sure to apply dielectric grease to the electrical connections of the plow. The grease makes sure to keep the water and dirt from plowing snow away from the electrical components of the machine.

On The Road

Once you are out on the road, there are two things you need to do with your snow plow. First, make sure to always check your headlights. Your headlights are easily the most important part of the snow plow, and help to keep everyone aware and safe.

You should also have an emergency kit with some basic supplies to prepare for unexpected breakdowns. The kit should include tools, spare hoses, extra hydraulic fluid, flares, a shovel, kitty litter for traction, and other spare parts to get you out of a tight situation. These tools can either help you if the snow plow gets stuck or something ends up breaking while you are out on the job.

Maintaining a Control System

If you have a control system to remotely control your snow plow blade from your vehicle, then you will need to maintain that as well. Check to make sure all of the controls are responsive and that none of the buttons or inputs are in danger of getting stuck. Also make sure to replace the batteries or charge the system so it has full power.

If you need more help, then Tim’s Truck has plenty of snowplows and is on hand to answer all of your questions. With our help, you won’t need to worry about your snowplow breaking down whenever winter comes to see your state again!

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