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The Facts About Winter Tires

Posted at Thu, Nov 2, 2017 1:00 PM

Once upon a time, snow tires were just that: only good to drive on in the snow. They didn’t handle well and and wouldn’t grip on dry and wet roads. If you tried to make a single stop on dry roads, the tire’s tread could be ruined.

Well, today’s snow tires are completely different. High quality winter tires are now as effective as original equipment all season tires, but give you the performance you need in the snow.

"It's eye-opening what winter tires will do today," says Mark Cox of the Bridgestone Winter Driving School in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. "The best winter tires will sometimes squeal a little on glare ice during an emergency-style stop."

The tread rubber on winter tires are now designed to excel when the ambient temperature drops below 40 degrees F. With regular tires, rubber stops being pliable as the thermometer falls. The rubber on today’s winter tires is designed to remain supple at very cold temperatures. They also perform a lot better in the snow than winter tires used to. However, winter tires have to be replaced well before you’d retire conventional tires.

Is it wise to invest in winter tires? In this part of the country, it makes sense and is a worthwhile investment.

See The Tire Experts at Tim’s Truck Capital

If you live in New Jersey, winter tires can be a smart investment, especially if you’ve got a place to store your fair weather tires. At Tim’s Truck Capital and Auto Sales our service experts can help you decide which winter tires are perfect for your vehicle. Looking for used plow trucks for sale? We’ve got them, as well as the best selection of used cars for sale in NH.

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