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The Meaning of Hammering Sounds from Your Truck

Posted at Fri, Apr 22, 2016 12:30 PM

If you hearing rattling or hammering sounds from your used truck's engine, get it looked at immediately. There are several issues that can cause a truck engine to make hammering or knocking sounds.

Generally, engine knocking be traced to an abnormal ignition. What happens is, when you turn the keys, the carburetor mixes fuel and air in a pre-decided ratio and pushes it into the combustion chamber.

Occasionally, the mixture ignites on its own, on multiple fronts, before the piston fires (because of engine heat or engine pressure), producing the clattering sound that we call knocking. The most severe problem is detonation and it will literally break the pistons.

Engine knocking can also occur if you use the wrong type of fuel for your vehicle. Some vehicles require high octane fuel, disregarding such recommendations can wreak havoc on your engine and your vehicle’s overall health.

The sounds can be created because of malfunction at the spark point as well. In this case, the issue can be solved by replacing the spark plug.

Sometimes, you can hear the engine knock when you start the truck on a higher gear or if you slow the truck down without changing gears. However, these are not issues that you necessarily have to worry about. To solve this particular problem, you just have to change the way you drive.

Engine knocking or hammering is a cause for alarm. Always ensure the truck is on the first gear when you start it. Second, remove gears when you slow down. If you have any questions, please get in touch with Tim's Truck Capital.




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