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The Point with 2 Point and Three Point Turns- III

Posted at Fri, Jul 8, 2016 10:45 AM

The below article is part 3 of a three-part series about making driving easy.

The three-point turn is a safer alternate to the 2 point turn and is easy to learn, but it has one more added step. It is called a three point turn because there are three positions that your car will reach before it completes the U turn.

The 3 point turn never cuts through a lane of traffic in reverse. So imagine the same intersection, but this time, instead of making a right turn, you go on to the east wing of the intersection and stop there, that is your first position. From there, you will be making a reverse turn to the right, turning into the south wing, but not cutting into traffic, so it is a relatively smooth turn, from there, you can simply drive on to the road, taking the left turn. It is easy, safe and can be mastered in the first try. There are a number of places where three point turns are the norm, so, we recommend this style of turning.

If you are on a narrow road without any intersections, but need to make a U turn, both methods will work just fine.

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