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The Point with Two Point and Three Point Turns- I

Posted at Mon, Jul 4, 2016 10:30 AM

There are a number of things that every driver on the road should know how to do. Making U turns is one of them, but it is not always possible to make clean U turns, in fact, making full U turns is not advisable in many areas. If you are going to pick up a truck from Tim's Truck Capital, then you are likely to be driving a slightly bigger than usual piece of machinery and it may not be possible to make a full U turn.

The best and safest way to make U turns is the 2 point and three point turns. They are designed to make it especially easy to turn right around and take the road back from where you came. It is a good skill to learn, more so if the size of your vehicle does not allow for flamboyant turns. Here are a few tips on making the perfect 2 point and 3 point turns.

Note that, it may not be allowed in some places to make 2 point turns, so make sure you are in the right when you are making these turns. Check with local law enforcement if needed.

The two-point turn

It is a basic U turn that involves you taking two turns, hence the name.

To be continued in part 2.




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