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The Point with Two Point and Three Point Turns - II

Posted at Wed, Jul 6, 2016 10:30 AM

Continued from part one of a 3-part series on driving.

The motive here is to make a complete U turn in the fastest way possible. We will be discussing both types of turns, the two point and the three point on a four cross junction. You will be driving down from the west toward the center and going back up after a left handed U turn.

The two-point turn has exactly two turns and two positions. First, you come in toward the intersection, put your right indicator on, make the right turn and once your entire vehicle has cleared the corner, that is position one. From there, you need to make a reverse while your left indicators are on. Back out into the road, through the intersection and onto the opposite side of the road, the east wing. By this time, you will be facing the road you came from, that is point number 2. From there it is a straight shot onto the road you just came through, a clean 2 point turn.

The thing about a 2-point turn is that you will be cutting through traffic in two places, hence higher the risk of a collision, so if there is a lot of traffic, you are better off with the 3 point turn.

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