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Things to Lookout For While Buying a Used Diesel Truck

Posted at Fri, Jul 22, 2016 12:00 AM

Many drivers are looking to buy used diesel trucks because of rising gas prices and the popularity of diesel-powered engines. Buyers have to be careful while buying second hand vehicles as these trucks aren't necessarily in pristine condition. There are several things that a buyer must check before they buy the truck.

The first thing to check is the oil tank, if you see any white or milky substances it could indicate problems with the engine. Oil near the engine itself also indicates engine problems.

The exhaust pipe is also a good indicator of engine issues. Since diesel is heavier than gas, soot tends to collect at the end of the exhaust pipe. If you see too much soot collected, it's time to look for other trucks. In cold weather, if starting the truck takes too long, then the glow plugs maybe malfunctioning. Glow plugs can be replaced but it will cost you. Exhaust smoke must be a light black color for a well running truck.

Looking inside the radiator, make sure there is no gunk in the liquid. The last test is the handling of the truck. Take the truck out for a drive and see if it handles alright. If not, you might want to check the transmission for issues. Excessive smoke, bad steering and unusual vibrations are also signs of transmission issues.

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