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Tim’s Truck Capital Offers Tips For Road Trips With Children

Posted at Mon, Aug 7, 2017 11:15 AM

Summer is winding down, and there are just a few weeks left for taking a family road trip. Before you pack up the kids and head to visit grandma or a national park, here are some tips for how you can handle the kids so everyone has a great time. After all, Tim’s Truck Capital and Auto Sales in Epsom wants you to enjoy yourself.

Plan Ahead

It’s important to plan ahead, pack strategically and not sweat the small stuff. Easier said than done, right? Let’s get started. First, use backpacks for each child’s belongings instead of putting everything in a big suitcase. It’s much easier to find their pajamas or favorite toy in a backpack instead of digging through the large suitcase to find what you need. Ave the large suitcase just for the parents. Pack a nice variety of snacks and drinks to keep your kids well-fed and hydrated. Have wipes in the car and a trash bag just in case of spills.

Keep Them Entertained

Be sure to bring favorite CDs, books, handheld electronic games, writing tablets and colored pencils with you. Leave the crayons at home because they can melt in a hot car. Card games like Go Fish are also great, as well as math or alphabet flash cards. Be sure you don’t forget their favorite stuffed animal or action figure, their blankie and a pillow. Get the whole family to play games like “I Spy,” road sign bingo, or the license plate game. If your truck has a DVD player, pack their favorite DVDs and one DVD they’ve never seen. If your trip is going to be longer than three days, consider packing wrapped small gifts that your kiddos can open during a particularly long stretch. A new toy or game will keep them occupied!

Come To Tim’s Truck Capital

Is your car feeling a little small for a family road trip? Come check out a new truck or SUV at Tim’s Truck Capital and Auto Sales in Epsom, NH. We have the largest selection of used trucks for sale in NH, and if we don’t have exactly what you want we’ll find it for you! We even have plow trucks for sale, and winter will be here before you know it. Visit for more information!

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