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Tips for Driving a Truck in the Snow- 2

Posted at Fri, Jun 10, 2016 1:00 PM

In our last post, we suggested that you drive your truck slowly during the winter, keep a safe distance from the car in front and avoid using the tail lights of the vehicle in front, as a marker of where to drive. In this part, we will see tips for braking, fuel and good judgment. These tips are presented by Tim's Truck Capital.

Use your judgment- If you think driving conditions are too bad for driving, they probably are. Don’t try to be a hero. Often times, winter conditions can quickly worsen with little to no notice, if you are questioning the level of safety of the weather, it is certainly better to be safe than sorry.

How to brake- If you are hauling a trailer, you will want to take particular precautions. Do not use the jake brake when the road is icy and do not use the foot brake unless the truck is straight. If you over-brake when your truck isn't straight, it may spin and the truck will go out of your control. Don't forget, in this scenario, the truck will slow down but the trailer will not.

Ensure all systems are working properly- Do a circle check before you start your journey. Check the wipers, tail lights, brakes, washer fluid, heater and defroster. All systems must be a 'go' before you begin. Keep your lights clean so that other drivers can see you. Always keep some essential supplies in your truck so you are prepared for any problem that you may face.

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