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Tips For Safe Winter Driving

Posted at Mon, Oct 23, 2017 4:00 PM

In Epsom, NH and the surrounding areas, we know that winter can wreak havoc on roads and driving conditions. With winter on its way, the team at Tim’s Truck Capital and Auto Sales thought it was a good idea to remind our friends and customers about how to stay safe while driving in inclement weather.

While Driving In The Rain

?Slow down by 5-10 miles per hour if it’s raining.

?If you hydroplane, don’t panic. Lift your foot off the gas and let your vehicle slow down until it feels normal again.

?Avoid driving through flooded areas because it’s often difficult to gauge the depth of water. You don’t want water to stall your engine.

?Feather your brakes after you’ve driven through a puddle and take your foot off the gas.

While Driving In Foggy Conditions

?Turn on your fog lights. If you don’t have them, use low beams.

?Pump your brakes before entering a fog bank. It will alert the drivers behind you to back off.

?Slow down before you crest a hill. You don’t know if a car has stopped there because of the fog.

While Driving on Snowy or Icy Roads

?Slow down to about 10 miles per hour below the speed limit, or until you feel comfortable.

?Slow down a couple of hundred feet before stop lights and stop signs, just in case there is black ice.

?Don’t tailgate. Give yourself plenty of room to stop in case the other drivers tries to stop suddenly.

?Don’t brake while you’re turning.

?Turn into a skid, so your car can correct itself and go straight.

Winterize Your Vehicle at Tim’s Truck Capital

The service experts at Tim’s Truck Capital suggest that you bring your vehicle in for a winter maintenance checkup before the weather gets nasty. If you’re looking for a plow truck for sale, we have a great selection. We also carry great used cars for sale in NH, so if you’re ready for a new ride, come see us!

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