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Tire Inspection and Rotation

Posted at Fri, Nov 27, 2020 12:30 PM

Getting your tires inspected and rotated is just one of the many maintenance activities that you need to invest in so that your vehicle stays in top shape and has a long life span with reliable performance. Whether you drive a sports car, a family minivan, or a tough off-roader, you’ll need to get your tires inspected and rotated on schedule. The service professionals at Tim’s Truck Capital can perform your tire inspection and rotation, as well as any other maintenance tasks you need, on schedule to protect your vehicle and your investment.

Service and Frequency

When you take your vehicle for a tire rotation, the service professionals will first inspect the tires. They will look for signs of damage, check the tread depth, and check the air pressure. They will then fill the tires with air if necessary, and remove them from your vehicle. They will then rotate the position of your tires, moving the front tires to the back, and the back tires to the front. Sometimes, the technicians will use a special chart to show them where to move the tires, based on the type of vehicle you have and the wear your tires are showing.

You should have your tires rotated every 5,000 miles or according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Depending on the condition of your tires, you may also need to have them balanced during this service.

Benefits of Tire Rotation

There are many benefits to having your tires inspected and rotated according to schedule. Most importantly, getting your tires rotated regularly ensures that they maintain even tread wear and depth. With even tread depth, your tires will maintain better traction on the road, your vehicle will handle better, and your brakes will perform properly. Even tread wear will also put less strain on your drivetrain and other driver components.

Regular tire rotation also helps you to maintain proper alignment on your vehicle, and it prolongs the life of your tires. As expensive as tires can be for some vehicles, simply prolonging the life of your tires is one of the best benefits of tire rotation. You can protect the investment you have made in your tires, and save yourself a lot of money in the long run.

Scheduling Routine Maintenance

Getting regular tire inspections and rotations isn’t hard. You just need to create a relationship with an auto service technician, who will put you on a schedule or send you reminders when your service is due. The professionals at Tim’s Truck Capital will work with you to create the best maintenance schedule for your car, truck, or other vehicle, including tire inspections and rotations, oil changes, and other needed services. We’ll help you develop a schedule that is specific to your vehicle and your driving habits. Our goal is to keep your vehicle in top shape so that you can protect your investment and enjoy it longer – whether you bought your vehicle from us or from somewhere else. Call us today to make an appointment for your vehicle’s service!

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