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Top 5 Truck Cab Models

Posted at Thu, May 27, 2021 6:15 PM

Top 5 Truck Cab Models

If you are a novice to the differences between several different trucks, then you probably don’t know a ton about truck cabs. Truck cabs are pretty common, and you might have heard the words ‘Crew Cab’ and ‘Extended Cab’ for years without knowing what they mean. Thankfully, this article is going to show you exactly what those cab models mean, and how they benefit you.

The truck cab or truck crew cab is the spot in the truck where you sit, and it separates the driving area from the actual bed of the truck. There are several different types with most of the truck cab models sacrificing driver room for more space on the truck bed.

Each one has a set of advantages and disadvantages, and we’ll take a look at the top five cab models you can work with.

The Regular Cab

This is the standard truck cab and typically the one that you are the most common with. The regular cab is the smallest of the three, and lets you comfortably sit one or two people. The regular cab has two full sized front-hinging doors, and doesn’t have any extra space. Two people is the most you will fit in the truck unless you really squeeze the extra passengers together.

The Extended Cab

The extended cab is another relatively common truck that can seat extra people. It has a front section with a driver and passenger seat just like the regular cab, and two large front-hinging doors. Where it differs is that it has extra back seating that can be accessed by moving the main seats forward, or opening smaller sized back doors that are rear hinged. Extra windows allow those in the backseat to see out.

Double Cab

This cab makes trucks seem like sedans. While the rear doors are smaller than their front counterparts, they are also regularly hinged. The backseat is a little roomier, but most people find that the double cab is the perfect balance between truck length and space for more than two people.

A Crew Cab

A crew cab, as the name suggests, helps you get your entire crew into the truck without delay. It is the largest of the three cabs and has four full sized doors, two at the front and two in the back. Rather than having the backseats squished, it gives you two full rows with adequate room to maneuver and fit five people.

Extended Crew Cab

Of course if that is not good enough for your needs, you can get an extended crew cab. The extended crew cab still gives you the two rows of seating, but also allows you to put extra storage behind the backseat. If you want the most space, then this is the correct cab for you.

Pick A Cab, any Cab!

Make sure to pick the cab that works the best for you and your truck needs. Chances are after reading these top 5 truck cabs, you’ve started to connect with one. That should be your cab for your next truck.

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