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Truck Brakes and Winter Checkup

Posted at Thu, Dec 24, 2020 11:00 AM

It’s essential that you have strong, properly working brakes on your truck. Good brakes give you good control when you are hauling heavy loads, you are working in rugged conditions, or you are taking on big jobs like plowing. You also need strong brakes when you are traveling long distances – you need to be able to react quickly to whatever obstacles you encounter on the road.

Whether you are driving a pickup truck or a commercial truck, you need to give your brakes a checkup to be ready for the winter. Here are a few things that the service department at Tim’s Truck Capital can help you do:

Check Brake Pads and Linings

A lot of people wait until they recognize problems with the brake pads to check them out. They wait until they hear squealing or the car moves oddly when the brake pedal is pushed. But by the time these symptoms present, the brakes have suffered enough damage to stop being effective – or safe.

You need to bring in your truck now for a good inspection of the brake pads and linings. You don’t want to be driving on a ticking time bomb and have it explode on you when you are on icy roads.

Ensure Proper Fluid Levels

Your brakes need to be properly lubricated to work properly – just like everything else on your truck. Bring your truck in to have the brake fluid checked and filled if needed. If you’re having a problem with needing to constantly refill brake fluid, there may be an underlying issue that we can fix.

Winterize the Components

Winterizing involves inspecting the components, making any needed repairs, ensuring proper lubrication, and correcting any corrosion that is present. Corrosion just leads to more corrosion, so it is important to stop it quickly. All the tubes, connection points, shafts, and other components also need to be properly lubricated.

Check the Air Brake Chamber

If your truck has air disc brakes, you need to have the chamber inspected for any signs of trouble. The service will check that the dust plugs are properly in place, that the guide pins are sliding properly, that the shear adaptor cover is properly seated, and more. Your service technician will recommend replacement of any parts that need it, and will make any adjustments that are needed.

Replace Cartridges

The air dryer cartridge can get clogged up with moisture, which can then freeze and cause your truck brakes to become frozen. It’s best to replace the cartridges before the season starts.

Your winter brake service is dependent upon what type of truck you drive and what kind of brakes it has. But the service professionals at Tim’s Truck Capital will be able to recommend and perform the right services to ensure that your truck is in top driving condition for the winter season. You’ll feel more confident knowing that you have strong and responsive brakes when you are driving on those slushy and icy roads with huge loads behind you.

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