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Types of Brakes and Their Importance

Posted at Wed, Jun 15, 2016 9:00 AM

Brakes are one of the most important safety features in any vehicle. Without brakes, there would be no way to stop a vehicle. If you can't stop a vehicle, you can think of what could happen.

There are different kinds of brakes both inside vehicles and between vehicles. The normal brakes are called service brakes. These are either drum brakes or disc brakes.

There are also other kinds of braking systems like emergency brakes and anti-lock brakes. Here are some more details.

Disc brakes- The main component in a disc brake is the disc brake rotor. The brake pads are held in place by a caliper. When the master cylinder increases pressure on the caliper piston, the piston clamps the rotor between the brake pads This leads to friction between the rotor and the brake pads and the vehicle slows down.

Drum brakes- There are many parts in a drum brake like brakes shoes, brake return wheel, wheel cylinder and the most important part, the brake drum. When the master cylinder increases pressure on the wheel cylinder, it in turn forces the brake shoes to increase pressure on the brake drum. This causes friction between the brake drum and the brake shoes, causing the vehicle to slow down.

Emergency brakes- Each four wheeler contains a secondary braking system called emergency brakes. This is not a service brake and it is not hydraulically driven (unlike service breaks). Emergency brakes use cables to apply the brakes and they come in various forms like stick lever, pedal, handle or push button.

Anti-lock brakes- Anti lock brakes are famous as ABS. These are computer controlled. Sometimes, when you apply the brake suddenly, the brakes lock up. If the brakes lock, there is a good chance that you may skid. The ABS prevents the brakes from locking. To buy a pre-owned truck in Epsom, New Hampshire, please contact Tim's Truck Capital.




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