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Used Diesel Trucks: Getting the Job Done

Posted at Sun, Jul 26, 2020 9:45 AM

If you’re shopping for a new work truck, you should direct your attention to those powered by diesel fuel. The alternative fuel source offers a number of benefits for all kinds of drivers, but even more so for those driving trucks. It’s no mistake that tractor trailers and other heavy-duty trucks are powered by diesel.

Tim’s Truck Capital sells a wide variety of diesel trucks, including popular models like the Chevy Silverado 2500HD, the Ford Super Duty F-350, the Ram 1500 Tradesman, and the GMC Sierra 2500HD. Here are some of the benefits these and other diesel trucks offer over natural gas:

More Power

Diesel engines are designed to consume fuel at a lower rate and under high compression. That process produces greater torque, which translates to more power. When you are driving a truck powered by diesel fuel, you’ll be able to accelerate more quickly and to pull heavier loads more easily.

Greater Fuel Efficiency

Diesel engines consume far less gas than those powered by natural gas. The engines produce more power on less fuel because of the high compression. Some diesel trucks are also designed with a high-pressure fuel-injection system, which enhances the fuel efficiency.

Trucks are known to be fuel guzzlers, so switching to diesel can save you a lot of money on your gas bill while also giving you better performance.

Lower Maintenance

Trucks that have diesel engines also require less maintenance than those that use natural gas. Diesel engines do not have an ignition system with spark plugs or distributors, so they do not need typical tune-ups. These engines use compressed air to ignite the fuel. You won’t spend a lot of money on replacing parts or getting check-ups.

Without the typical spark-style ignition system, electrical failures are also less likely on diesel engines. Overall, you’ll spend less on maintenance and enjoy longer time between service visits.

Lower Taxes

Diesel engines produce lower emissions than engines running on natural gas, which makes them better for the environment. Not only can you feel better knowing that you are being a better environmental citizen, but you can also enjoy lower taxes on your truck. The government rewards eco-friendly technology, and you will have a lower tax rate on the truck. You may even qualify for additional tax credits.

Diesel trucks offer a lot of advantages over other trucks powered by natural gas. Fortunately, some of the top automakers offer heavy-duty trucks powered by diesel, including Ford, GMC, RAM, and Chevrolet. Tim’s Truck Capital has a nice selection of used diesel trucks from all of these makers. Not only can you save money on fuel charges and maintenance with a diesel truck, but you can save even more by shopping used. Diesel trucks last far longer than natural gas trucks, and they are more reliable, so you can feel confident shopping for used trucks, knowing that they will continue performing for years to come. Visit us today to explore our selection of used diesel trucks to find the perfect model for your needs.

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