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What Are Manual Transmission Synchronizers? - Part II

Posted at Wed, Jul 13, 2016 12:15 AM

The latest model cars use synchronizers so that they can bypass the requirement of double-clutching. The “synchro”- as the synchronizer is colloquially known, permits the gear and the collar to synchronize speeds. This happens while these two are already in touch, but prior to their respective dog teeth engaging. The synchro of each manufacturer is a little different compared to the others-but the fundamental idea remains constant. To give an example, cone of one gear will perfectly fit into the collar's cone shaped depression. Collar and gear synchronize speeds due to friction that exists between collar and cone. The outer part of collar then moves out of way so the dog teeth can engage gear.

If a car develops problems, then it could be expensive and frustrating to repair. Prior to spending money and time at the mechanic, have a once over look at your car. See whether it is possible for you to identify the problem. You should preferably use certain signs and methods to find out whether the vehicle has transmission fluid leak.

It is important to find out color of leaking fluid. Red is the usual color of a transmission fluid leak. You should change the fluid if it is brownish. Do be aware that other car fluids like windshield wiper fluid and anti-freeze are also colored red. Differentiation between fluids can be achieved by smell and consistency. If you love driving, then you should buy from Tim's. Come down to Tim’s Truck Capital & Auto Sales Inc in Epsom, NH to get the best deal in cars.




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