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What Does GVWR Mean For Your Pickup, SUV and Crossover

Posted at Wed, Oct 12, 2016 1:30 PM

The term GVWR that stands for Gross Vehicle Weight Rating might sound like something only professional truck drivers need to know. However, it’s an important number that every driver of a pickup truck, SUV or crossover needs to be aware of to stay safe while carrying cargo and/or passengers.

How do you find out the GVWR? It’s located on a label that’s on the inside of the driver’s door jamb. It tells you the combined weight of passengers, personal effects and cargo, along with the weight of the vehicle itself, as well as the tongue weight of the trailer (See last week’s blog on the importance of proper tongue weight in safe hauling.)

Why abide by the GVWR? Overloading your vehicle can cause damage to your vehicle, as well as create unsafe driving conditions. You could experience broken springs and suspension components, unsafe braking, overheating and damage to the transmission and other driveline components, difficulty controlling the vehicle due to strain on the suspension and danger of tire blowout due to an increase in tire temperature.

How do you determine how much the vehicle can carry? Here’s an example: the #2016GMCSierra1500 4WD double cab with the EcoTec3 4.3L V6 has a GVWR of 7,100 pounds. The weight of the Sierra is 5,216. By subtracting the weight of the truck from the GVWR you know you can carry 1,884 pounds without exceeding the GVWR. Make sure you take into account the weight of your passengers, as well as cargo. If you have two 150-pound passengers, your available hauling capacity is 11,584 pounds.

It’s important to always stay within the GVWR limit set for your particular truck, SUV or crossover to avoid damage to your vehicle and to keep your passengers and your belongings safe.

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