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What Does Z71 Mean on a Chevy Silverado?

What Does Z71 Mean on a Chevy Silverado?

Posted at Tue, Mar 22, 2022 5:45 PM

The Chevy Silverado is a powerful truck that will see you through a lot of questionable situations, whether you’re driving on icy roads or you’re exploring trails while camping on the weekend. But sometimes, you want to go even further off the path, and you need a little extra power and support. The Z71 package on the Chevy Silverado offers just that.

Z71 is the name of an off-roading package that you can add to the Chevy Silverado when you purchase it from the dealership. If you are shopping for previously owned models and you see this badging, you know that the truck was outfitted with the package when it was purchased. Here’s a little of what you will find on Silverados with the Z71 badging:

Performance Upgrades

The Z71 package is focused on performance, so other than the special badging on the truck, that’s where you’re going to find all the differences with this configuration. The Z71 package includes Rancho brand shocks, which provide better suspension for bumpy trails and other rough terrain. An underbody shield and brushed metal sill plates also protect against all those bumps along the way.

The Z71 package includes either 18- or 20-wheels with all-terrain tires, giving you surer footing on any path. A locking rear differential provides more power to the rear wheels so that you can get out of tough spots. An Autotrac two-speed transfer case ensures that the transmission is given the right power at the right time for optimal performance.

Finally, hill descent control helps you safely come down hills, even when you are carrying heavier loads. With the Z71 package, you should be able to safely navigate any terrain.

Other Features

The Z71 package offers a few other features that Silverado owners will find useful. Recovery hooks make it easy to tow the truck if it gets stuck, or to tow another vehicle or piece of equipment.

A high capacity air cleaner is added on the Z71 package, which helps to keep the engine clean, even on dusty back roads. Keeping out dust and debris also ensures efficient engine performance and reduces the risk of damage to surrounding parts.

Finally, the Z71 badging is featured prominently on the grille and tailgate, as well as on the instrument cluster inside. The interior also features trim pieces with a special finish.

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