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What Is a Twin Turbo?

Posted at Wed, Jun 22, 2016 5:45 PM

Biturbo and twin-turbo are interchangeable terms that are used for referring to a turbocharged engine where the intake charge is compressed by two turbochargers. The more specific name for a twin turbo car engine is “parallel twin-turbos”. There are various other types of turbocharging too. Some of them are staged turbocharging and sequential turbocharging. The former is applied in automobile racing vehicles that run on diesel.

The Mid-nineties to late nineties was the time when the twin turbo engines were key features in several high-performance Japanese vehicles. Such vehicles took pride in their large amount of power, high potential for extensive tuning and excellent acceleration. With the passage of time, the benefits offered by a twin turbo engine have become more refined and obvious.

Parallel twin turbochargers

These turbochargers are extensively applied on several trucks, as well as, upscale performance cars. Such design is more common with the V type engines. It makes use of a turbo for each cylinder bank while both run full time. The aim of this particular layout is to bring down the volume of piping that is needed for the exhaust systems and intake’s plumbing that can lower the turbo lag and increase the response.

It is to be noted that parallel twin turbochargers are smaller as compared to a single turbo engine featuring a similar displacement. As less volume of exhaust gas is available in each turbo, maintain fast response is possible by using a smaller turbo.

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