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What to Know About Buying A Hybrid

Posted at Wed, Nov 9, 2016 2:30 PM

Interested in buying a hybrid? Here are some great things to know about.

Size - Hybrid-electric vehicles range in size from compacts for two to eight-passenger SUVs. Some, like the Ford Fusion Hybrid, are based on conventional vehicles while other are unique like the Chevrolet Volt or Toyota Prius.

Price - A hybrid vehicle can cost nearly 20% more than its gasoline-powered counterpart. Electric or part-time electric models cost even more. The least expensive hybrid starts around $20,000, while the most expensive luxury models can cost over $100,000.

Engines/Fuel Economy - There are two types of hybrids to choose from. Regular hybrids are powered by a gasoline engine as well as a battery recharged entirely by the car and get as much as 40-50 mpg. Plug-in hybrids have larger batteries that can be recharged by the car as well as by external sources that provide short-range all-electric operation and long-range hybrid operation. All-electric vehicles cost the most but are also the least expensive to operate. The cruising range of an electric vehicle ranges from 70 miles to 260 miles.

You’ll find most safety features that are extras on conventional cars come standard on hybrids. Features on most hybrids include antilock brakes, front-seat side airbags, full-length side curtain airbags and stability control. Rearview cameras are also becoming standard, as are high-tech collision prevention electronics that warn inattentive drivers of blind-spot intrusion and impending collisions are also now found on most standard models. Make sure to check out the federal crash test information and ratings.

Non-luxury models feature luxuries such as automatic climate control, heated seats, smartphone interfaces, navigation systems, keyless start systems and Bluetooth capability. Pay attention to which models offer more features. Other things to look for are the number and type of seat adjustments, storage space, as well as home charging units that dramatically decrease recharging times.

How long before you see the ‘payback’ of cheaper operating costs equaling the increased purchase price This can take several years to decades, depending on fuel prices.

Warranties - In general, longer term coverage is offered on hybrid-specific parts, usually about eight years. This covers you if something goes wrong with the battery or electric motor. However, the cost of replacing a battery pack is not nearly as expensive as consumers feared when hybrids first came out.

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