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What You Should Know While Buying a Supercharger

Posted at Wed, May 18, 2016 9:00 AM

Before buying a supercharger, you must research the market thoroughly and arm yourself with adequate information. The following tips will help you in choosing the perfect model:

  • ·Know your engine: Ascertain the model, type, and year of the engine along with the specifics of your used vehicle before going to shop for a supercharger.
  • ·Horsepower: There are various types of superchargers for street use, racing, and even for marine engines. Choose the proper unit with appropriate horsepower. For example- street legal standards will not be met if you use a racing package in your normal car.
  • ·Types: There are various types of superchargers-
    • RootA large quantity of air is used in the intake manifold. These are very popular in racing cars and excess energy is offered in quick bursts.
    • Twin-Screw – Twin Screw superchargers are noisy and expensive.They are used in trucks when a lot of torque and horsepower is needed for applications like towing.
    • Centrifugal – These are very efficient and used in streets as well as racing tracks.
  • ·Installation: Different models have differing installation requirements. The root supercharger needs more room and a hood that is specially cut out. If you purchase a centrifugal supercharger, it is best to get some professional help as it is quite tough to install.
  • ·Cost: Don’t go by the price alone. Look at the warranty and after-sale services too. Research the market properly.
  • ·Experts recommend that you should use the smallest supercharger which will give you the target boost. This has two advantages:
  • 1.It is more responsive and provide the required boost sooner
  • 2.To drive it, you will need relatively less horsepower.

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